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21 mars 2011 1 21 /03 /mars /2011 16:54



071I decided to have a blog in order  to use crochet again , to  do cross- stitch again, to learn how to sew  clothes for my kids, to learn new techniques and new crafts and to embroider  beautiful  gifts for those I love,

I discovered crafts  for charity, crafts for those  who need to know that somewhere there is someone who cares  for them and thinks about them.

I am a Muslim ( don’t panic) the act of  giving just a smile without waiting anything  back is the essence of my religion. And my religion is  a part of me, I am nobody without my religion.


When  I read the SOS  from people in Australia experiencing huge floods on the  colorful blog of  Sarah London, I didn’t  hesitate to take part in crocheting a rainbow operation. It is important for me to make people believe that generosity and love transcend continents, religions and beliefs. I care for people anywhere and I want to raise my kids this way…

 I send a a fondant kiss to Fondant kiss through this video ( she shares  crochet a rainbow project)




Spontaneous ( even at 40), DSCF0530.jpgI started to crochet  granny squares, I didn’t respect ( didn’t have time to) the dimensions, yarns, the crochet number.  Happy about myself, each time  there was a commentary on Sarah’s Crochet a Rainbow article, I read it and try to have an idea about its writer. ..

And I realized  that my granny squares  do not fit.





The problem was not yarn, but the hook. So I looked for the right hook, I bought   many, asked friends  to bring me theirs, no way  to find the right one. I asked friends  in Algiers. Even there, no hooks for my rainbow.




So I gathered all my courage  and phoned to my sister-in-law who lives near Paris :”please bring 3 and 3,5 mm hooks, it’s urgent and vital  for me”. She came Last friday and I do actually have my hooks.


And I started the right granny squares and I feel happy thanks  so much 084.JPG for all your encouragements.085.JPG

 My rainbow will be  for all the ones who needs colorful hope  for a better tomorrow. My thoughts go to people in Japan also. We will be there  for you.

(to be  continued...)


PS ; Sorry  for my unsure  English, just to let google translate  at rest  for once





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